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Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune Complete Sundays Volume 1 HC

Roy Crane
Roy Crane

Roy Crane is a giant among cartoonists and Fantagraphics is embarking upon an ambitious reprinting of his best work within Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune. Dig in and bask in the radiance of these full colour, prismatic Sunday strips! Discover with each page a buried treasure of adventure and chicanery replete with Crane’s mastery of comics storytelling.


Citing Crane’s influence on comics, the famous artist Gil Kane once said, “Superman was Captain Easy; Batman was Captain Easy.” BEWARE! Beautiful women! Pirates! Sunken ships! And fun! fun! FUN! are barely contained within this beautiful package brought to you by Fantagraphics, the torchbearer of quality when it comes to classic comic strip reprints.


Fantagraphics, hardback, 160 pages, published August 2009



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