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Captain Britain Volume 2 : Siege of Camelot Hardcover

Steve Parkhouse
Ron Wilson

The adventures of Marvel U.K.’s first all-original super hero continue! Captain Britain thought he had it rough facing foes like the alien Star-Creature, the shape-shifting Black Baron, the mad Doctor Claw and the vicious Slaymaster. But that’s nothing compared to what awaits him when travels to America and teams up with Spider-Man to battle the villainous Arcade, and then battles side-by-side with the Black Knight as they plunge into the heart of Otherworld — where they encounter the mystical Merlyn, the evil Modred and the ancient Nethergods…and must resurrect King Arthur himself!

Collecting Super Spider-Man And Captain Britain issues #233 to 247; Marvel Team-Up (1972) #65 to 66; and material from Hulk Comic #1 and #3 to 46, and Incredible Hulk Weekly #47 to 55 and #57 to 63, written by Larry Lieber, Jim Lawrence & Steve Parkhouse, pencilled by Ron Wilson, Pablo Marcos, John Stokes & Paul Neary, with a cover by Herb Trimpe.

Marvel, hardback, 376 pages, published September 2011




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