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Captain America : Theater Of War Hardcover

Paul Jenkins
Gary Erksine

Four stories chronicling the adventures that made Captain America the hero we know today. From skinny Steve Rogers at boot camp to the Super-Soldier leading a battalion of men against the Nazis, this is the Captain America you thought you knew but you've never seen. Find out what happens when he's forced to make a choice between his country and his best friend! Then, follow Cap as he experiences one of his darkest days when a WWII mission doesn't go the way anyone planned.


Plus, witness how the legacy of the Super Soldier reverberates through the years in an all-new story set during the height of the Gulf War. Collecting Captain America Theater of War: America The Beautiful, Brother in Arms, To Soldier On and Ghosts of My Country, written by Paul Jenkins, pencilled by Fernando Blanco, Gary Erskine and John McCrea, with a cover by Steve Epting.

Marvel, hardback, 152 pages, published February 2010


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