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Captain America : Sentinel of Liberty Hardcover

Mark Waid
Ron Garney

During his height of popularity in the late 1990s, Captain America was given a second monthly title - and it’s collected here in full! Featuring Cap stories from across the ages! With the invaders in World War II! With Iron Man after his iceberg rescue! Against terrorists with S.H.I.E.L.D.! Guest-starring the Captain America of the Revolutionary War, Sharon Carter, both Human Torches and the Falcon, and featuring the official origin of Bucky!

Collecting Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty #1 to 12 and Sentinel Of Liberty Rough Cut, written by Mark Waid, James Felder, Brian K. Vaughan & Roger Stern, pencilled by Ron Garney (who also provides the cover art), Dougie Braithwaite, Steve Mannion, Cully Hammer, Walter McDaniel, Anthony Williams, Ron Frenz and Steve Harris.

Marvel, hardback, 360 pages, published February 2011



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