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Captain America : Prisoner Of War

Ed Brubaker
Butch Guice

Bucky Barnes learned the deadly skills of warfare during WWII, only to have those tools exploited by the Soviets as a brainwashed Cold War assassin. And just when he thought he could break free of the chains of his history, he is thrust into a new nightmare: a Russian prison camp housing a handful of his most vicious and revenged-minded Cold War peers.

For Bucky, each ponderous minute that ticks by in the gulag brings another new threat to his life. But for his friends -- Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter and Black Widow -- it is a race against time to undo the wicked conspiracy that has used Bucky's past as the Winter Soldier to trap him in a life of cruelty worse than any he's ever experienced. Collecting Captain America #616-619, written by Ed Brubaker & various, pencilled by Butch Guice, Mike Deodato, Chris Samnee & various, with cover artwork by Marko Djurdjevic.

Marvel, paperback, 200 pages, published February 2012


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