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Captain America : Hail Hydra


From the dark days of World War II to the Heroic Age, witness the brutal battle between Captain America and the immortal evil known as Hydra! How far back has the gruesome group been killing its way to capture the secrets of eternal life? What can Steve Rogers do to halt its sinister spread when the horrific hordes of the undead rise to stop him?

Find out as award-winning horror novelist Jonathan Maberry (Doomwar) teams with five different artists to capture five different time periods — including Sergio Cariello (Lone Ranger), Tom Scioli (Godland), Phil Winslade (Wonder Woman), Kyle Hotz (Annihilation: Conquest — Wraith) and Graham Nolan (X-Men Forever)!

Guest-starring the Falcon, Black Panther, Nomad, Nick Fury and the Avengers! Collecting Captain America: Hail Hydra issues #1 to 5, written by Jonathan Maberry, pencilled by Sergio Cariello, Tom Scioli, Phil Winslade, Kyle Hotz & Graham Nolan, with a  cover by Adi Granov.

Marvel, paperback, 120 pages, published July 2011

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