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Captain America Epic Collection : Hero or Hoax

Stan Lee
John Romita Sr

Volume #4 in the Captain America Epic Collections

It’s a new direction for the red-white-and-blue Avenger! When the city’s police officers begin to disappear, Captain America takes a job as one of New York’s finest! There are also larger-than-life villains - from the Grey Gargoyle to Hydra to the Red Skull - providing plenty of opportunity for Cap to swing that shield! And speaking of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury’s spy shop is here, too - and they’ll be fighting both for and against Cap!

Meanwhile, the Falcon has a surprise encounter with two familiar - and anything but friendly - faces that will change Captain America’s life forever. It’s the shock of the year as Cap discovers that while he was frozen in the Arctic, there was a second Captain America and Bucky! Now they’re back - and they’re fighting mad!

Collecting Captain America (1968) issues #139 through to 159, written by Stan Lee, Gary Friedrich and Steve Englehart with Gerry Conway and Steve Gerber, pencilled by John Romita Sr. and Sal Buscema, with Gil Kane and Gray Morrow, and featuring cover artwork by Sal Buscema.

Marvel, paperback, 472 pages, published July 2018






Captain America


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