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Captain America : America First Hardcover

Howard Chaykin

Collecting three exciting tales exploring the storied history of America’s greatest champion. First, Howard Chaykin pulls back the Iron Curtain on one of Captain America's wiliest nemeses - Soviet Russia and her never-ending parade of spies, saboteurs and fifth columnists.

Next, it’s 1944 and them sneaky Nazis have managed to crack the secrets of electro-magnetic physics…yeah, that's right: apples may fall down in the free world, but schnitzels are falling up in the skies over a mysterious lab in a Polish forest, thanks to a little help from a nearby forced-labour camp. Sure, we could send in the Marines, but why bother when we've got Captain America?!

Plus: Wounded behind enemy lines, Captain America faces one of his greatest challenges yet— escaping a Nazi POW camp…as Steve Rogers!  Collecting Captain America: America First, Operation Zero Point and Prisoners Of Duty, written by Howard Chaykin, Daniel Knauf, Charles Knauf, Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel, pencilled by Howard Chaykin, Mitch Breitweiser and Agustin Padilla, with a cover by Chaykin.

Marvel, hardback, 128 pages, published June 2010


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