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Capote in Kansas

Ande Parks
Chris Samnee
 Murder. Not intricately plotted "whodunit." Not fiery passionate fury. But dirty, sad, disturbing actions from real people.

That's what Truman Capote decided to use for In Cold Blood -his bold experiment in the realm of the non-fiction "novel", now filmed with Seymour Philip Hoffman as Capote (for which he won a Golden Globe in early 2006). Following in that legacy is Capote in Kansas, a fictionalized tale of Capote's time in Middle America researching his classic book.

Capote's struggles with the town, the betrayal, and his own troubled past make this book a compelling portrait of one of the greatest literary talents of the 20th century. The book it is based on has been a staple of the Penguin 20th Century Classics range for years, which is one of the highest accolades an author can receive.

Oni Press, paperback, 128 pages, published July 2005


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