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Cannon God Exaxxion Stage 3

Kenichi Sonoda
Kenichi Sonoda
 Hoichi is Kano is a typical Tokyo teenager...EXCEPT that he pilots a state-of-the-art integrated gunsuit AND the antimatter-powered, cannon-toting, mega-robot Exaxxion AND he may be humankind's last hope against colonizing aliens. Other than that, he's just your absolutely typical teen. Luckily, these extras will make matters a bit easier when he has to rescue his high-school crush--and his Mom!--from alien imprisonment.

Of course, he may have to spend a bit of time explaining about his sexy shape-shifting android assistant, and he might need to do some image damage control after he levels a building or two, but that's nothing any teenager couldn't talk their way out of, right? It's not like he stole a car or something! Collecting issues #14-20 of the series.

Dark Horse, paperback, 184 pages, published August 2003


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