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Bulletproof Monk

Brett Matthews

After saving a Tibetan village from Nazis hell bent on discovering the secret powers of their Aryan ancestry, the Bulletproof Monk vanished into legend, leaving behind a story which was passed down for generations and a hope for his return in times of need. Kar, a young man now living in the U. S., searches for this savior while evading secret agents and trying to find acceptance in a local gang. Little does Kar know that his hero is closer than he thinks.

This three-part story collects the original Bulletproof Monk mini-series, with groundbreaking artwork by Michael Avon Oeming plus never before seen artwork and a new cover. Filmmaker John Woo provides the Foreword and explains his personal interest in making a feature film based upon the series. Read this book and find out who is the Bulletproof Monk, why he has the power to save the world and where he is now.

Image, paperback, 80 pages, published 2002


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