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Bright Eyed At Midnight Hardcover

Leslie Stein
Leslie Stein
Beginning at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2014, and ending on January 1, 2015, Leslie Stein began drawing a page a night. Fuelled by an urge toward visual and narrative experimentation and enabled by serendipitous bouts of insomnia, Stein has combined words and images in a series of comic strips, paintings, and collages that reflect upon her life as a bartender, musician, and artist living in New York. Bright-Eyed at Midnight collects the best of the 265 pages she'll do in 2014: by turns funny, unsettling, charming, improvisational, honest, evocative, and perspicacious, Stein explores her 1980s childhood, dreams, her bar patrons, Jim Hendrix, travel, artist's block, drinking, recording, rock shows, her siblings, amusement parks, moments of introspection, and loneliness in the most exciting city in America. 
Drawn in pen and ink and vibrant watercolours, and written in a minimalist, poetic cadence, Bright-Eyed at Midnight is a thoughtful, meditative visual diary from an acclaimed cartoonist.
"Leslie Stein's comics give readers privileged access to a complete and wholly original world of gently skewed wonders." – Jim Woodring
"Part cute, part kind of creepy art-wise. The writing is serious and smart, slightly contradicting what the art is saying but this makes the work good. And real. And slightly creepy." – Gilbert Hernandez
Fantagraphics, hardback, 200 pages, published August 2015 


6" x 7.75"



Bright Eyed At Midnight

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