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Boris Karloff Tales Of Mystery Archives Volume 3 Hardcover


A modern gambling cheat is punished by spirits of centuries-old playing cards . . . Three adventurers in pursuit of evil find the greatest evil ever spoken, heard, and seen . . . An enchanted telephone booth brings success to a simple man, but when greed gets the better of him, his good fortune comes to an end . . . A mirror that reflects an antique dealer’s heart’s desire does more than just show him what he wants . . .

These stories and many, many more are collected in Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery Archives Volume 3! Tales of suspense, crime, intrigue, horror, and irony, hosted by the renowned actor Boris Karloff and featuring art from some of the finest comics storytellers from the sixties.

Features a new introduction by the film director, screenwriter, actor, and producer John Landis. Contains issues #11 to #16, from September 1965 to December 1966 - more than thirty chilling tales compiled in this new collection. Written by Paul S. Newman and Dick Wood, with art by Joe Certa, Al Williamson, Bob Jenney, Angelo Torres, Al McWilliams, Alberto Giolitt and others.


Dark Horse, hardback, 232 pages, published September 2010


  Also in this series: Tales of Mystery Archive Volume 1 Hardcover, Tales of Mystery Archive Volume 2 Hardcover


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