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Bone : The One Volume Edition

Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith

The complete 1300-page epic adventure, from start to finish, in one deluxe paperback! It’s the biggest, coolest Bone book of all! This sold in the tens of thousands when Jeff Smith released it and totally sold out; now it is getting a new printing this autumn, which is terrific news. The One Volume Edition of Bone has featured on a pile of critics’ best graphic novels lists, including the respected Time Magazine which picked it as one of their ten greatest graphic novels of all time, while the great crew at The Comics Journal named it as Book of the Year. Just see what top British SF author and huge comics fiend James Lovegrove said:

“Bone is in many ways traditional fantasy. It has all the staples: a magical kingdom, an imperilling evil, an orphaned princess who does not know the truth of her origins, and even dragons. But the three central characters, the Bone cousins, are weird, cartoony, Schmoo-like creatures, visually at odds with the naturalistically depicted world around them - a conceit that could only be pulled off in comics - and are rounded, conflicted individuals who manage to become heroes almost in spite of themselves. Writer/artist Jeff Smith has composed a 1,000-page epic which succeeds in breathing new life into old tropes.”

Review by James Lovegrove

Cartoon Books, paperback, 1300 pages, published March 2010 (new edition)



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