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Blood Lad Omnibus Volume 4

Yuuki Kodama
Yuuki Kodama
In the vein of Soul Eater, demon and human cultures clash in this dark, urban action-comedy! Unwilling to let anyone just waltz away with her little girl, Neyn sends Team Fearless — a crew of vampire slayers — after Staz and Fuyumi as they make their way to Demon World South. Team Fearless has never actually taken down a vampire, but they're looking to make good on their name and "save" Fuyumi. But for a hostage, the girl seems awfully eager to stay at the vampire's side. Has she fallen for the vampire's charms, or just for his blood? 
Yen Press, paperback, 352 pages, published February 2014 



Yen Press

paperback digest

Blood Lad


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