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Blondie Volume 1 Hardcover

Chic Young
Chic Young

Celebrating Blondie's 80th anniversary, IDW's Library of American Comics presents Blondie like you've never seen her before. This book collects the early strips by Chic Young for the first time ever, beginning with the first ones from October 1930.


Blondie Boopadoop is a light-headed flapper who meets Dagwood Bumstead, the heir to a wealthy, high society fortune. Dagwood's parents are aghast and refuse him permission to marry the blonde, but their son is in love. He and Blondie hatch a scheme--the voracious Dagwood goes on a hunger strike for 28 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes and 22 seconds.


This first volume chronicles the amazing and hilarious courtship, and concludes with the spectacular wedding in February 1933! Written and illustrated by Chic Young.

IDW, hardback, 280 pages, published September 2010


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