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Blecky Yuckerella

Johnny Ryan
Johnny Ryan
 Sure, she's smelly and gross, but she's got a heart of gold! This book is the first collection of Johnny Ryan's weekly comic strip, Blecky Yuckerella, as seen in the pages of the Portland Mercury, Vice magazine and elsewhere. Blecky is a four-panel gag strip in the tradition of Underworld and Maakies, but with much more generous portions of piss, vomit, snot, farts, toe jam, B.O. and ear wax jokes.

Blecky Yuckerella is the ugliest girl in the second grade, and the only one with three-day stubble. The strip's cast of characters also includes Blecky's Aunt Jiggles, her best friend Wedgie, Insanio the Cat, and many other absurdist goofballs, like Rich Bucksley (millionaire and "high class idiot"), Unitard (the last retarded unicorn), the pregnant babies ("We're guaranteed to blow your mind!"), and Quasimodo Rose (the hunchback porn star).

This is Ryan's third book for Fantagraphics (after the Angry Youth Comix anthologies What Are You Looking At? And Portajohnny), collecting over 100 strips for the first time, and his unmistakable blend of politically incorrect gags and social satire is as sharp as ever. Not for the easily offended!

Fantagraphics, paperback, 104 pages, published May 2005


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