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Blackfoot Braves Society Volume 1: Spirit Totems HC

Michael Geiger

This illustrated prose novel by writer Christopher Long (Easy Way, X-Men Unlimited) and illustrated by Michael Geiger tells the story of the Blackfoot Braves Society Summer Camp - which was going to be the place where Jackson Brady could leave behind his life of pampered wealth and be like any normal kid.


When Jackson and his new friends Austin and Mazzy seek shelter from a storm in an unexplored cave, their lives take a sharp turn away from anything you could call normal. It isn't every kid, after all, who meets a Ghost Shaman and learns to unlock the power of his own animal spirit.


That's just what happens to Jackson and his friends, however, and a good thing too: they'll need those powers to battle an ancient and powerful evil that thirsts for vengeance against humanity. This is the sixth book of Komikwerks' Actionopolis series of illustrated novels.


Komikwerks, hardback, 144 pages, published September 2006


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