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The Big Skinny : How I Changed My Fattitude

Carol Lay
Carol Lay

For most of her life Carol Lay tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. She tried diet pills, low carb and food combination diets, hypnosis, and Weight Watchers, but never managed to keep the weight off for more than a few months. But five years ago something clicked — Carol reached her goal weight of 125 pounds and has maintained it ever since.


The California cartoonist shows how she lost weight by exercising and counting calories, conveying information, encouragement, and experience through poignant, humorous, and imaginative stories. She's been there, and she'll tell you and show you what it was like — and she'll give you the tools and inspiration so you can do it, too. The fun part is, it's all in full-color comic form — sugarcoating that doesn't add a single calorie!


Villard, paperback, 208 pages, published January 2009


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