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Big Mother #2

Call him Kolchoz or call him Sovchov, either way it all leads back to the same man. Sam Vanallemeersch is an artist with a split personality. On one side he arranges and rearranges shape and form meticulously until all the colours, shapes and subject balance, taking on a life of their own while his other, darker side does just the opposite.

A hurricane of scratching and scribbling with nothing but paper, pen and intuition, Vanallemeersch has the deft hand of a young spatially-aware Ralph Steadman and an unravelling subconscious. While the Nobrow flagship magazine operates as a group exhibition consisting of the cream of the illustration crop, Big Mother is more like a solo show focusing on one individual artist, collecting them in an A3 monograph book.

Nobrow, paperback, 24 pages, published January 2012


  also in this series: Big Mother #1


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