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Beowulf (movie adaptation)

Chris Ryall

In the sixth century, the warrior Beowulf must do battle with the monster Grendel as well as Grendel's mother and a dragon who has a personal connection to the Scandinavian warrior. A special graphic novel adaptation of the big-screen retelling of the epic poem from filmmakers Neil Gaiman, Roger Avary, and Robert Zemeckis, written by Chris Ryall, with artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez and a cover by Mark A. Nelson.


Beowulf is thought to be the oldest written tale in English which has survived the long centuries and is one of the classic tales of world folklore and literature and a great example of the archetypal hero myth – all areas Neil Gaiman is superb with, so we know the movie version is going to be great! If you like this you should probably also have a look at John Gardner’s classic fantasy retelling of the myth from the point of view of the monster, Grendel.


IDW, paperback, 104 pages, published October 2007


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