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Batman Dark Knight Returns Mutant Leader Statue

After leveling the gang called the Mutants from within the armoured tank-like Batmobile, Batman is challenged to a one on one fight by the gang’s leader; it's a fight the aged Batman is not sure he can win. The vicious battle takes place in the Gotham City Dump and leaves Batman defeated and broken in one of comicdoms most epic conflicts, and introduces a new villain to the Dark Knight's Rogues Gallery. With an army of anarchistic punks at his command, overwhelming speed and strength the Mutant Leader is a whole new breed of criminal.

Digitally modeled to craft an uncanny comic likeness and assembled on a One:12 Collective body with over 28 points of articulation, this figure features a leather like outfit to create an amazingly accurate collectable.

The One:12 Collective Mutant Leader features:

- Real leather-like pants
- Incredible sculpted details capturing the brutal rage of the character
- 80’s style sunglasses from the comic book
- Studded punk rock belt
- Sub-dermal body spikes

Included with this figure:

- Alternate head with broken nose
- Alternate head with gritted teeth and glasses
- One set of fists
- One holding hand
- One posing hand
- Torch
- Crowbar
- Display base and posing stand




6.5" Tall

One: 12


Batman The Dark Knight Returns


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