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Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man Volume 3

Kim Young-Oh
Kim Young-Oh

The cunning and intrepid Banya faces his greatest challenge yet; the unstoppable delivery man finds himself in the middle of a mysterious dispute at the heart of a sacred temple-trapped between devout warrior-priests and the vicious, ruthless Torren! But Banya pledges allegiance to no religion or country, only to the motto of the Gaya Desert Post Office: "Fast. Precise. Secure." Banya's certainly no stranger to mayhem, and he proudly asserts, "There isn't a delivery I can't make!" This time, however, have he and his young cohort Kong bitten off more than they can chew?


Kim Young-Oh's latest action-packed romp is filled with tense battles, horrific villains and monsters, and perfectly-timed comedic moments. This series is presented in its original Korean manhwa format and is translated by the mother/son team of Taesoon Kang and Derek Kirk Kim.


Dark Horse, 184 pages, published March 2007


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