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Avengers : West Coast Avengers Zodiac Attack Cover B Hardcover

Steve Englehart
Al Milgrom

The members of Jake Fury's Zodiac were created to wipe out their predecessors, and the West Coast Avengers are next! Hawkeye leads his team into battle -- but as far as Scorpio's concerned, there's only room for one archer, and it's also Hawkeye! Have the Avengers infiltrated Zodiac, or vice versa? Which is deadlier, The Lion or The Tigra? And where does Mockingbird's crisis of conscience fit in?

Plus: The Dead Fly Through Space! Featuring guest appearances by The Shroud and the Silver Surfer! Collecting West Coast Avengers (1985) issues #25-30 and Annual #2, and Avengers Annual (1967) #16, written by Steve Englehart & Tom DeFalco pencilled by Al Milgrom & Bob Hall, with cover artwork by Al Milgrom.

Marvel, hardback, 232 pages, published July 2012

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