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Avengers : First to Last Premiere Hardcover Cover B


They are the last of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Hawkeye, the blinded archer; the Wasp, pint-sized dynamo cursed with an incurable shrinking disease; Cannonball, mutant X-Man and Avenger; and former Ant-Man, former Giant-Man, former super hero Hank Pym, the last man who would have volunteered to lead them. They're not the strongest, but they are the only hope in the final battle against the greatest enemies of mankind. They are the Last Avengers. United, they will fall. This is the last Avengers story.

Also featuring timeless tales shedding new light on the early days of Earth's Mightiest Heroes: the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor! In these previously untold stories, the six founding members vie for chairmanship of the team, Bruce Banner fears the Hulk's rage may have gone too far, Iron Man unveils his latest suit of armour, Captain America adjusts to life in the modern world, a WWII veteran reminisces about an early meeting between Cap and Thor, and more!

Plus: Marvel's founding father, Stan Lee, tells the "real" story of how the Avengers became a team! Collecting The Last Avengers Story issues #1 to 2 and material from Avengers Classic issues #1 to 12, written by Peter David, Stan Lee, Dwayne McDuffie, Macon Blair, Tom Beland and Bob Burden; pencilled by Ariel Olivetti, Kevin Maguire, Michael Avon Oeming, Jorge Lucas, Nick Dragotta, Juan Doe and Kano; features cover artwork by Arthur Adams and Ariel Olivetti.

Marvel, hardback, 288 pages, published December 2008


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