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Avengers Arena Volume 2 : Game On

Dennis Hopeless

What are X-23’s secrets? What is Darkhawk’s big reveal? Secrets explode, alliances shatter, and Apex — the mean girl you love to hate — makes her move as the next chapter of the Arena’s deadly game begins and the contest continues to take its toll! And as Nico makes a valiant stand against Sentinel, Hazmat strikes up a startling new romance — with Reptil?! Apex squares off in a bloody battle against an unexpected opponent, Death Locket gets a shocking eyeful, and Arcade…makes popcorn. What a jerk!

The game is on, the stakes are raised, and the body count is rising! Plus: The history of Arcade is revealed! How did the former punchline become the sadistic scene stealer who now torments Marvel’s teen heroes? Find out in this shocking behind-the-scenes story! Collecting Avengers Arena issues #7-12, written by Dennis Hopeless, pencilled by Alessandro Vitti, Kev Walker and Riccardo Burchielli, with cover artwork by Dave Johnson.

Marvel, paperback, 144 pages, published September 2013


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