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Attitude - The New Subversive Political Cartoonists

Terrance Griep
Ted Rall

 TO HELL with those hackneyed mainstream political cartoons! Donkeys and elephants are history. Daily newspaper cartoons make lame jokes about the news while sucking up to the corporations that own them. Here's the NEXT generation of artists out to save the world: political cartoonists who run in your local weekly alternative paper, uncensored and in the raw!

ATTITUDE includes cartoons and interviews with: Tom Tomorrow, Peter Kuper, Ruben Bolling, Lloyd Dangle, Andy Singer, Don Asmussen, Clay Butler, Jen Sorensen, Scott Bateman, Tim Eagan, Derf, Lalo Alacaraz, Joe Sharpnack, Eric Bezdek, William L. Brown, Ward Sutton, Stephanie McMillan, Mickey Siporin, Jim Siergey, Ted Rall, & Matt Wuerker.

"The best of [these cartoonists] possess so much lacerating wit and unswerving commitment that they fairly shame their hidebound mainstream counterparts into retirement."- Booklist.

"A perfect primer on [these cartoonists] individual flavours and uniformly impressive skills. In bringing them together and pushing them toward the higher visibility they deserve, Attitude serves almost as critical a function as they do themselves"-Tasha Robinson, The Onion.

NBM, paperback, 128 pages, published June 2002

Also available are Attitude 2 and Ted's To Afghanistan and Back


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