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Astro City: The Tarnished Angel

Kurt Busiek
Brent Anderson

Carl Donewicz, a.k.a. Steeljack, a.k.a. The Steel-Jacketed Man. Just out of prison after twenty years, all he wants to do is stay out of trouble and live a quiet life. But it's not that simple. The local superheroes are watching him. No one wants to know him but other crooks. And nobody'll take him in but his old neighborhood - Kiefer Square, a haven for low-level muscle boys and black masks.

And Kiefer Square has a problem. Someone's killing them off - taking out super-felons one by one. No one knows who or why, and the police don't even pretend to care. They need someone who can help. Steeljack shouldn't be that man. He's never been very smart. He isn't looking for adventure. But he needs the money. And he's all they've got. Reprints: Astro City vol. 2 #14 - #20.

DC, paperback,  224 pages


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