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Astro City : Confession

Kurt Busiek
Brent Anderson

The world of Astro City is an internationally-famous world of wonders - of noble superheroes and sinister villains. But the city has a darker face, one that's only seen after sundown. And it's that city - a city of shadows and monsters, where nothing is quite what it seems - that teenaged Brian Kinney encounters when he arrives in town with dreams of becoming a hero himself.

To realize his dreams, he'll have to learn to understand this dark city - or risk being lost forever in the shadows. After literally working his way into the super-hero scene as a busboy and waiter, Brian attracts the attention of Astro City's vigilante Confessor. Dubbed Alter Boy, Brian becomes the Confessors sidekick.

While Astro City suffers under the looming threat of a serial killer on the loose and the city government moves to ban super heroes altogether, Brian questions the actions of his mentor. If that weren't enough, there just may be an alien invasion looming! Includes the Eisner award nominee "The Nearness of You"  Reprints Astro City vol 2 #4 - #9.

DC, paperback, 192 pages


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