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Astonishing X-Men : Gifted Prose Novel

Peter David

The astonishing X-Men are outcast heroes, banded together and dedicated to protecting the rights of mutants everywhere. But when breaking news regarding a “cure” for the mutant gene unexpectedly hits the airwaves, how will the world react? What if no one had to be a mutant anymore? Would that be a curse, or a blessing? And what price would mutantkind pay for this cure? Cyclops and Wolverine believe it’s dangerous — but the blue-furred Beast finds himself tempted. And Dr. Kavita Rao, the serum’s inventor, has an ally: a deadly creature whose plans extend far beyond this world.

This full-length novel by New York Times bestselling author Peter David, based on the acclaimed comics series by Joss Whedon (writer/director of Marvel’s The Avengers) and John Cassaday, takes Marvel’s uncanny mutant team to a whole new level! Boasts cover artwork by John Cassaday.

Marvel, paperback, 304 pages, published August 2013


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