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Arthur : The Legend

David Chauvel

The Dark Ages were a time of change and turmoil across Europe. After reigning supreme in Britain for 300 years the Romans returned to the continent, leaving the Isle of the Mighty in the hands of its original inhabitants, the Britons. Covered by marauding Saxons from the east, pillaging Irish from the west and fearsome Picts from the north, Dark Ages Britain’s bountiful pastures were under constant siege.


With never ending quarrels and inter-tribal warring between the Britons themselves, Britain was ready for a strong and mighty leader to rally its people and repel the invading hordes. This leader was to be Arthur, born to return the Island of Britain to its rightful owners – the Britons. His fame and stature transcended the centuries and he remains as enigmatic today as he has always been. Originally published as part of a nine volume series in French, this graphic novel is a collection of the first two volumes.


Dalen Books, paperback, 108 pages, published July 2009


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