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The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio Hardcover

Mark Evanier
Jack Kirby

The names Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are synonymous with comic books and together their partnership (which began in the 1940s) ushered in the Golden Age of comics and greatly influenced everything that followed. The Simon and Kirby Studio created such memorable characters as Captain America and the Sandman and were the first to publish in comic books the genres of western, crime, horror and romance (later appropriated by Roy Lichtenstein for his pop art paintings). Over the course of three decades together they wrote and illustrated several hundred comics, many of which have never been reprinted since they were first published in the 1940s and '50s. This oversized volume of 386 pages will be organised by genre and cover all aspects of their amazing career, with commentary by Mark Evanier, the foremost authority on the work of Simon and Kirby. All of the images have been photographed from the original art in Joe Simon's private archive, showcasing the seminal work of Simon and Kirby and their artistry as it has never been before.


Abrams ComicArts, hardback, 384 pages, published November 2014 





Abrams ComicArts


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