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Anubis Tapestry Volume 1: Between Twilights HC

Bruce Zick
Bruce Zick

Marvel and Dark Horse writer/artist Bruce Zick has crafted an illustrated prose novel in which Dr. George Henry's spirit is condemned to the Egyptian realm of the Underworld. But the only way his son Chance can save him from the curse of the mummy is to risk becoming one - by binding himself in the wrappings of the mysterious Anubis Tapestry.


Chance is joined on his journey by a comical creature named Blixx, who guides them past horrible monsters and down through the deepest levels of the Underworld. And there's one additional problem: if they don't return before twilight, they will be trapped forever in the eternal domain of the dead! This is the fifth of Komikwerks' Actionopolis series of illustrated novels. Bruce Zick has worked on Thor at Marvel, Atlas and Zone Continuum for Dark Horse, and for Pixar on Finding Nemo.


Komikwerks, hardback, 176 pages, published September 2006 


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