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Angel Fire new edition

Chris Blythe
Steve Parkhouse

A corporate raider gets hooked on a potent popper and ends up on a rollercoaster where even we are no longer sure what is real in his life. His wife dead -murdered? He wonders if perhaps he's not next and something very frightening is haunting him and his friend in a secluded hideaway. Arresting art and a gripping thriller. Formerly from Shattered Frames, now exclusively from NBM.

Here’s what we said when this wonderfully creepy, Gothic tale came out originally in the UK: The City is a vicious place - you have to be hard and remorseless to succeed there. John Dury is so plugged into this dog-eat-dog world he thinks nothing of asset-stripping a family business for profit, causing the owner to commit suicide - he even misses his wedding anniversary because he is busy celebrating his business success with hookers and a new elite, designer drug called 'Angel Fire', which seems to promise a vision of heaven... But even Heaven has a dark reflection...

Things are less rosy when his wife leaves him then appears to commit suicide in the same way as his last business victim. Fleeing to a remote Scottish village where he has inherited his wife's claim to the Clan castle, John begins to experience events - some ghostly but not malicious and some which have a darker agenda. Is he experiencing the ultimate in bad trips from knock-off Angel Fire, is he going mad with grief and guilt or are these events real?

Beautifully painted, often in dark, brooding colours which lend themselves to the air of Gothic menace by Eagle-award winning artist Steve Parkhouse (Hellboy readers will love it) and written by Chris Blythe (who worked on Lady Death and Legion), this is an excellent independent British publication which has been picking up great reviews. The mixture of guilt, small village setting and spooky goings-on are reminiscent of the best of Hammer Horror mixed with a touch of Strangehaven and Don't Look Now along with elements of Faust and even the Shining. A genuinely eerie and scary horror ride full of menacing atmosphere.

You can also read what we had to say about Angel Fire when it was originally published by Shattered Frames in spring 2005 on the FPI Blog.

NBM, paperback, 112 pages, published April 2006 


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