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Angel Fire new edition

Chris Blythe
Steve Parkhouse

Meet John Dury, the poster boy for a morally corrupt generation, a corporate predator who hunts and kills businesses for money, power and bonuses paid in designer drugs. The latest drug to hit the city is Angel Fire, a powerful sedative and hallucinogen that seems to open the door to the next world. Instead of finding the keys to heaven, John opens the door to hell - spiralling into a nightmare dimension of ghosts and demons - and the faceless shadow that waits in the deepest blackest reaches of his own soul. Part Faustian fable, part Gothic horror story - "Angel Fire" is a powerful tale of corruption and redemption, told by two of the UK's top comic book creators.


I remember this coming out a couple of years back as an independent press offering when Chris Blythe kindly sent me a copy to check out. I thought the mixture of guilt, small village setting and spooky goings-on were reminiscent of the best of Hammer Horror mixed with a touches of Strangehaven and Don't Look Now along with elements of Faust and even the Shining, while Steve (2000AD) Parkhouse has some wonderfully atmospheric dark, brooding art that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hellboy story. A genuinely eerie and scary horror ride full of menacing atmosphere.


Carlton, paperback, 192 pages, published August 2007




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