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Andromeda Stories Volume 3

Keiko Takemiya
Keiko Takemiya
In this final chapter of the epic space opera, King Ithaca and the entire government of the Cosmoralian Empire have been transformed into cyborg minions of a machine army determined to destroy all indigenous biological life. The King's wife, Queen Lilia, and her son, the right Cosmoralian heir, Prince Jimsa, have become refugees in their own dominion, along with a band of resistance fighters, The Mulattos.

The resistance effort is led by a healer known simply as "The Old Man," who explains that the future of humanity rests in the messianic destiny of their leader incarnate, who will be known by a red dragon-shaped birthmark. Meanwhile, knowledge surfaces that Prince Jimsa's twin sister, Affle, who bears this birthmark, survived despite being ordered to death at birth by the Cosmoralian Empire because it was believed that royal twins would presage doom!

Vertical Inc, paperback, 200 pages, published March 2008


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