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American Elf Book 3

James Kochalka
James Kochalka

Kochalka's diary strip has always been entertaining, but this might be the most action-packed volume of all. His neighbour's car gets firebombed, his little son Eli learns how to invent his own swears (like "pump duck"), and James gets a gun pointed at his face. Most dramatic of all, this volume will introduce a new character, a new little baby Kochalka! Ooohs and aaahs abound.


This collection prints all the diary strips from 2006 - 2007 in gorgeous full-color, including numerous strips that never appeared online. I must admit when I first started reading Kochalka's comics diary I wasn't too struck with them, but as I moved through the pages I became more and more ensnared by the mix of humour and the everyday until I realised I was totally addicted to it - it has a way of seriously getting into your system.

"Few people keep a diary as consistently and as entertainingly as James Kochalka. [His] tiny strips convey the personalities of him, his family and friends with astounding and impressive ease. Grade: A," Tom McLean, Variety.


Top Shelf, paperback, 192 pages, published November 2008


Also available: American Elf Book 1, American Elf Book 2


Winner of the Ignatz Award for both Outstanding Comic & Outstanding Online Comic.


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