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Alpha Flight : the Complete Series by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente

Greg Pak
Ben Oliver

Canada’s greatest super-team reunites to face a threat unlike any other! The original Alpha Flight is resurrected from the dead — but the Canada they return to looks a lot different than the one they left, as a new political regime rises to power and brands Alpha Flight traitors!

As Vindicator leads a team of villains against her former team-mates, Alpha Flight embraces their outlaw status by joining forces with the mercenary Taskmaster. Can the besieged team reclaim the Canadian government from the fascist forces that have overtaken it? And will partnering with such a compromised cohort prove to be a pact with the devil? Be there as Canada’s champions battle to release their fellow citizens from the aftermath of Fear Itself and win back the True North, strong and free!

Collecting Alpha Flight (2011) #0.1 and also issues #1 through to 8, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, pencilled by Ben Oliver and Dale Eaglesham, with cover artwork by Phil Jimenez.

Marvel, paperback, 208 pages, published June 2012


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