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Almost Crying Volume 1

Mako Takahashi
Mako Takahashi

One day as the boys Aoi and Hajime are returning home from a school picnic they find an abandoned little boy in the park with the note ‘please adopt me’ pinned to his clothes. His only possession is a small backpack with a change of clothes and the name tags on his little boots read ‘Gaku’.

Both want to adopt the little boy but Gaku chooses Aoi over Hajime. Ten years later Gaku has grown into a handsome boy, close to his ‘brother’ with no memory of his adoption at a young age. He finds himself wanting more from Aoi, but Hajime also is in love with Aoi… When Gaku finds out that he is adopted and therefore not related by blood to Aoi things change.

DMP, paperback, 192 pages, published May 2006



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