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After 9/11 : America's War on Terror Hardcover

Sid Jacobson
Ernie Colón

Having made The 9/11 Commission Report understandable for everyone, Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón use their talents to explain the post-9/11 world. Working from news reports drawn from multiple international media, they depict the critical events, decision makers, and consequences of America’s “war on terror,” and, most important, the context in which the war began, unfolded, and unraveled.


The most demanding story they have ever tackled, After 9/11 captures the simultaneous events, geographic complexity, numerous participants, and a vast array of economic, statistical, and quantitative information — compellingly told through the sequential panel art narrative form unique to graphic books. Proving yet again that graphic novels best meet the challenge of giving the most information with the least amount of ink, Jacobson and Colón answer with clarity and unforgettable imagery the question: How the hell did we end up where we are?


Hill & Wang, hardback, 160 pages, published October 2008


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