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Affiliate Program


Our Affiliates Program allows our chosen affiliates to make money simply by placing links to the Forbidden Planet International (FPI) website on their own website. Links can be to the FPI home page, an individual product, a category of products, a set of search results or any other page on our site. Links are easy to create. We also have a range of static and dynamic banners that you can use to maximise your income.


When a customer arrives on the FPI site from an affiliate link that affiliate will be rewarded with commissions totalling a percentage of the value of the order placed by that customer on that visit to the site. Commissions will be paid once the relevant products have been dispatched and qualifying criteria have been met. Please view our 'Terms and Conditions' to discover the details of payments.


Affiliates are able to access an online Affiliates Account section in which they are able to see at a glance the qualifying sales that have been made and the qualifying products that have been dispatched.


In order to become a FPI Affiliate you must first create a customer account.  In your Account panel you will then see an option to become an affiliate.  Simply click the link and fill in the form on the new page.  If you are already a customer you can reach this form at .  We will assess your application as quickly as possible and,  if accepted,  you will receive an email which will include instructions regarding the use of the affiliates program,  the creation of links and banners and other functions.


We look forward to welcoming you!