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<font size="\&quot;2\&quot;" style="\&quot;font-family:" arial,helvetica,sans-serif;\"=""> In this section you will find the output of the small press and self published comics artists and writers who are part of a vibrant \'underground\' comics scene in the UK. Many of these people are starting out and will become stars of the future - whilst some choose to self publish as they don\'t want to deal with large corporate publishing entities who they feel may compromise their vision or material. Others produce material which is too idiosyncratic or controversial for mainstream publishers others simply in the best \'punk\' spirit just want to make a comic.

The formats and quality are wildly variable - from very professionally packaged, written and drawn stories that wouldn\'t look out of place at Marvel, DC, Fantagraphics etc. to photocopied, stapled, roughly drawn and wildly anarchic output. We have made a decision not to pick and choose and will be offering you all product offered to us - you choose - you may find something you have never seen in comics before. From our experience there is a lot of extremely good and often very funny output coming out of the UK. If you thought that British comics were just Beano and 2000AD - think again.

Due to the often low retail of these items and the fact the production runs can be extremely small we often cannot discount these books as we usually do with all our other graphic novels. Where there is more room to, we will offer some small discounts but every comic/book will have FREE delivery in the UK and Ireland. So if you want to support British comics at the grass roots go on and try some of the items listed in this section. To make titles easier to find they are grouped alphabetically by the author\'s surname.

British Small Press

British Small Press