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1:6 Auric Goldfinger - Goldfinger

A wealthy and successful businessman, owning many properties throughout the world, Auric Goldfinger is an international gold smuggler. Psychopathic man obsessed with gold, his business affairs come under suspicion from the Bank of England and James Bond is sent to investigate.

BIG Chief Studios are proud to present the Auric Goldfinger Sixth Scale Collector Edition Figure. From the fully realised portrait of actor Gert Frobe to the authentically styled, hand-tailored costume, our artists have developed the most faithful, meticulously detailed replica in miniature. The figure comes with numerous accessories including a special display base with illuminating character name plaque.

Officially licensed and fully authorised by EON Productions Ltd., the James Bond Sixth Scale Collector Edition Figures are produced in a worldwide numbered limited edition.

1 x Auric Goldfinger Portrait Head featuring an Authentic Likeness of Gert Frobe
1 x Riding Jacket
1 x Waistcoat
1 x Pair of Riding Trousers
1 x Shirt
1 x Tie
1 x Pair of Sock Tubes (Partial)
1 x Pair of Horseman's Shoes
10 x Interchangeable Hands
1 x Display Base with Illuminating Character Name Plaque

1 x .38 Golden Revolver
1 x Snooker Cue
1 x Delta 9 Gas Cannister
1 x Mint Julep Drink
1 x Recovered German Gold Bullion Bar
1 x Wristwatch
1 x Printed Display Backdrop



Cult Classic

12" Tall

Big Chief Studios


James Bond 007

Deluxe Figure

£229.99  £219.994 %

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