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1:10 Hawkman Classic ArtFx+ Statue

Hawkman is a winged vigilante who fights crime using a flight harness made from Nth metal and a mace. There have been several different versions of the character, along with love interests and partners such as Hawkgirl. His secret identity is Carter Hall, an archaeologist and museum curator who lives out his destiny as a reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu using magic weaponry. Katar Hol is another version who appeared during the Silver Age, an alien policeman from the planet Thanagar with access to advanced technology. The character has been involved with the Justice Society and Justice League. Hawkman was created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville, first appearing in Flash Comics #1. (1940)

Next up in Kotobukiya's lineup of statues based on Super Heroes appearing in DC Comics is HAWKMAN!
This 1/10 scale non-articulated statue is based on the retro styling of classic action figures in an easy to display size.
Hawkman holds his mace at the ready as he stands tall with his wings spreading out behind him
Display alongside other Classic DC Super Heroes from Kotobukiya such as Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern!






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