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X-Men Origins Hardcover


Witness the very first adventures of the mutants! From the moment Professor Xavier arrived on her doorstep, young Jean Grey knew things would change forever. But she was never prepared for how strange life at the Xavier Institute could be - or just how dangerous she truly was. Will she be able to harness her budding powers in time to prove herself a hero? Or will the ghosts of her past haunt her forever?


Then, Hank McCoy never wanted to be different - and for a young mutant with a genius-level brain, camouflage comes easy. But only until a psychopathic terrorist with a god delusion kidnaps his father, and his life is brought into irrevocable confrontation with Charles Xavier and the X-Men.


Also, the origin of fan-favourite X-Man Colossus is finally revealed. Deep in the wastes of Siberia, young Piotr Rasputin discovers his mutant abilities -and becomes the newest target of the ruthless KGB! Plus, from the first time he popped his claws, to the moment he joined the X-Men, Wolverine has had a rough life. See every gruesome detail here!


Collecting X-Men Origins: Colossus, Jean Grey, Beast, Wolverine, Sabretooth and Gambit, written by Sean McKeever, Mike Carey, Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle and Kieron Gillen, pencilled by Mike Mayhew, J.K. Woodward, Trevor Hairsine, Mark Texeira, David Yardin and Dan Panosian, with a cover by Texeira.

Marvel, hardback, 192 pages, published September 2009

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