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Welcome to the Inbetween - The Story of Little Apple Dolls

Ufuoma Urie
Ufuoma Urie
The Little Apple Dolls have enjoyed enormous popularity with our customers and much of this is down to the fact that they are far more than attractive (yet spooky) and collectable dolls. Behind them lies each character's own story and behind that, like a door behind another door, is an inter-weaving mythology of the Inbetween place itself. Here the creator Ufuoma Urie shares more of the secrets of her characters and the realms they inhabit. You can find out about Circe's dislike of uninvited guests (well who does like them, really?) and just why she has so many kitty cats and hogs on her island. How did Umbrae come to fade from the land of the living and why does she hunt demons and eat candlelight? How do you find the Inbetween when it is marked on no map, not even the ones that say 'here be dragons'? This is a beautiful little hardback book, which mixes charm and delight equally with the unusual and sometimes disturbing. It's Alice in Wonderland crossed with Snowhite biting the poisoned apple; it is the Faerie realm crossed by the Dreaming; it is for the child in us but also serves the adult; it is a Miyazaki tale for the darker side. Tales of the characters and the Inbetween place are mixed with gorgeous illustrations by Urie and charming (and often funny) poems. If you collect the Little Apple Dolls you must have this; if you don't then you will want to collect them once you read this lovely book. IDW, hardback, 56 pages, published September 2005


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