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The Incal (New Edition) Hardcover


SelfMadeHero is proud to present the updated edition of the classic sci-fi adventure and comics masterpiece illustrated by Moebius [Jean Giraud] and written by cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, presented in its original colours in a beautiful omnibus edition which collects together all six volumes, with a foreword by Brian Michael Bendis.

THIS UPDATED EDITION INCLUDES AN EXTRA STORY ABOUT THE ORIGINS OF SOLUNE. Solune’s origin was initially intended for publication within The Incal and introduced a world that is later explored in the Metabaron’s own graphic novel series. However, the entire sequence ended up being condensed into a three-panel scene (see page 119). The story was finally printed in its entirety in Les Mysteres de L’incal, a book about the world of the Incal, and is the perfect legacy for Moebius.

Our hero is John DiFool, a lowly private detective. By chance, he finds himself entrusted with the most powerful object in existence, the Incal, which transforms him into an unlikely messiah. The very survival of the Universe now depends on him and his sidekick, Deepo, to defeat the great evil that hunts them across the cosmos. But can he trust the motives of his allies The Emperoress, Animah the Rat Queen and the universe’s greatest warrior, the Metabaron, when he needs them most?


SelfMadeHero, 308 pages, published November 2012

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