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Straight From the Force's Mouth : Dave Prowse Autobiography CD

There are many people who would consider a career at the pinnacle of world class sport enough. Similarly, there are many people who would consider a movie career working with some of the greatest performers and directors of the last 40 years as a full and privileged life.

Not Dave Prowse.

As a world class weightlifter, representing Britain at the Commonwealth Games (then known, ironically, as the Empire Games) and then donning the legendary costume of Darth Vader for the original Star Wars trilogy, Dave has had the distinct honour of doing both in his storied career.

In his own words, Dave tells how he grew up in the city of Bristol and how the tragic loss of his father when he was young changed his world forever. Always good at sports, Dave turned to bodybuilding and then weightlifting, picking up national titles and representing Great Britain in the biggest competitions around the world, all with a permanent knee injury that almost ended his career before it began.

With no such profession as a full-time weightlifter and no such thing as lottery funding available to help him out, Dave eventually made the (at the time) unusual transition into modelling, TV and film work, with his size and physique providing him with roles in the Hammer Horror Series, A Clockwork Orange and, of course, Star Wars to name but a few. Dave was also able to use his own experiences working in the training equipment industry to became personal trainer to the stars.

But it is his role as the Green Cross Code Man of which he is most proud. The campaign is credited with saving the lives of many youngsters during its run in the 1970s and 1980s and for which Dave ultimately received the MBE.

This MP3 CD audio-book produced by Fantom Films Limited has Dave speaking candidly and in his own words about some of his most famous roles, some of his less famous ones and past experiences with both world class sportsmen and world class performers. Funny and fascinating, Dave has had a remarkable career and is proud to now share his memories of it, both good and bad, with you.

Format: one MP3 CD with a running time of 540 minutes


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