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Star Trek Plush: Enterprise

James T. Kirk never raised a child, but if he did, that baby would teethe on a type-2 phaser, learn to dive-roll before he could walk, and his teddy bear would be a plush Enterprise. Would you want your child to be anything less?

But who are we kidding... we're pretty sure you know more than one full-sized human who would love to cozy up with this cuddly replica. In fact, there's probably a Klingon in your life who would enjoying sinking their teeth into the hull of this cute reminder of their enduring shame and defeat.

The Star Trek Plush Enterprise was lovingly designed by the Trek nerds at ThinkGeek. Our goal was to create a plush adorable and snuggly enough for wee geeks but with details that would make a manchild or womanchild of any age squee with delight. Our NCC-1701 measures a little over a foot in length with a saucer section width of about six inches. Give the ship a squeeze to fire the photon torpedoes and see the red LEDs light up on the nacelles.

Product Specifications

-For ages 3 and up and for Trekkers(!) of any age
-Squeeze it and the photon torpedoes fire thrice
-Red LEDs blink on the nacelles
-Officially licensed Star Trek collectible
-Dimensions: approx. 13" long, 6" across (saucer section)




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