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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 23

Announcing Volume Twenty-Three of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller, the must-have genre modeling title! One hundred, all colour, perfect bound pages bring you a thrilling line-up of science fiction and fantasy modeling projects – mainstream and garage kits, scratchbuilds, studio-scale replicas and more. Profusely illustrated throughout with hundreds of photographs, Volume Twenty-Three’s essential reading includes:

* Quatermass and the Pit – stunning diorama by Andy Pearson!

* Pegasus My Favorite Martian spaceship build and exclusive shots of series miniature!

* Moonbase Alpha studio miniature feature Part II.

* New Cassini Models Sky One kit review

* Background story on the kit by Jim Millett!

* Round 2 Batmobile and Batboat reviews!

* John Goodson interview – amazing model shots!

* New Travel Tube kit build!

* Spooky Roswell saucer crash diorama!

* Sixteen 12 Supermarionation replica puppets feature!

* Large scale Enterprise-A project!


Published October 2011

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